Historic images around the Town of Mequon. Some images are very large in pixel size for better clarity. There is an "X" in the upper right hand corner of each image to close the image.

Mequon Area Pictures

1913_Thiensville Sanborn FIre Map
Baake farm on Donges Bay Road
Dillinger filming at Chalet on the Lake
HHS areal view
mequon lawn and garden
mequon road construction 1983
port and donges bay road
port and mequon roads 1950ish
port road now
Tavern at Port and Donges Bay Road 1900
Tavern at Port and Donges Bay Road 2015
WITI 6 when it was in Mequon
WITI TV (now Fox6) was originally located on Port Washington Road at Donges Bay Road. This view is from our farm on Donges Bay Road looking WNW. You can see the tip of the tower in the image. This tower was slightly over 1,000 feet in height. The tower was dismantled around September 1965 to make room for I-43.
WITI TV6 (now Fox6) tower in Mequon
The following are images taken in 1988 showing the Fred Achterberg farm located on Donges Bay Road. The farm is now the Kenilworth subdivision.
Achterberg farm 1
View of Fred Achterberg farm. Image was taken from Donges Bay road looking SE.

Jacob and Clara Frank

FrankHomestead page 1
FrankHomestead page 2
FrankHomestead page 3
FrankHomestead page 4

Frank Farm-Homestead High School

Frank homestead (1)
Frank homestead (2)
Frank homestead (3)
Frank homestead (4)
Frank homestead (5)
HHS-pg 1
HHS-pg 2
HHS-pg 3
Mequon historical-Frank farm
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal